I Hope I’m Happy In The End

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I hope I’m happy in the end.
I hope I will have seen all the places I wanted to see, and thought them every bit as beautiful as I thought they would be. I hope I’ll know what it feels like to be in love, and to wake up in the morning feeling every sun ray soak into every inch of my skin. I hope I’ll know what it is to fight for something, and I hope I’ll have taken every opportunity I was given to create a little light.

And if I must endure a thousand pains and heartaches to see these things through—well then, that’s all right. Because at the end of it all, when my bones grow tired and I lay down to rest, I’ll still have

a little love,
and a little light,
and the sun rays on my skin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

While working towards a degree in law, Danielle enjoys drinking excessive amounts of coffee, fighting for education reform, and watching Spongebob.

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