Life Is But A Waterfall

There is an undeniable beauty in a waterfall. No one would dispute that claim, yet what makes this continuously flowing body of water so majestic? Waterfalls are so powerful; they are chaotic, roaring, and continuously in motion. Yet, as viewers we perceive it as tranquil and hypnotizing.

Why not view life as we view a waterfall? We all know life can get hectic. Yeah some may say, “What is the fundamental point of life when everything is just so hard?” The point of life is to embrace the challenges, and to embrace this continuously changing, chaotic existence as a human being.

The waterfall, rushing down, is constantly diverted along its course. At each moment, these drops of water are being forced. It’s being pulled down by gravity, the water bouncing around by other drops of water, rocks, sticks, anything in the way. Yet at the end of every fall, there is a serene pool of placid harmony, an ebb waiting to flow.

Looked at in this light, we can view change in our everyday life in one of two ways. We can choose to embrace change, or choose to neglect it. It is one of the most recurring parts of human nature, change, and the difference between neglecting and embracing it can alter our perceptions of the world we live in.

As we continuously mature as human beings, there are those who remain static in their existence at a young age because of a distinct discomfort with the idea of change. And then there are those who prosper. It is our duty, as individuals in a constantly changing world, to continue to embrace change, and accept it on all fundamental levels.

“Change is something constant: in denying it we are denying reality, and the truth of historical objectivity along with denying our greatest power in being human; the power to change and grow. With that power, comes everything great that makes us who we are. To deny change, is to deny yourself. In focusing purely on the change, we take ourselves out of the present moment. We let the change control us, either by dwelling in the past or from being afraid of the future. By accepting this change, we are able to live in it.” –Michael D. French (Philosopher Extraordinaire 2014)

So I am leaving you with this: embrace your day, and every hardship you encounter. There is tranquility at the end of every chaotic waterfall, there is a calm after every storm, and there truly is a light at the end of every tunnel. There is a very human tranquility in change, so embrace every challenge and uneasy experience in your life. To do so is to grow as a human being, and to prosper into something far more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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