The 7 Worst Things About Sex And The City

Ten years later and I still can’t get over how horrible this show actually was. Incredibly addictive, I’ll admit, but a terrible standard for women to live by in the 21st century. I still feel bad for Aidan.

1. They have way too much sex.

I’m sorry, but they should re-title it “STDs in the City.” Each character gets some in every episode — often with an endless number of guys — with few exceptions. And it’s not just Samantha (the self-proclaimed “slut”) it’s all of them. At least Samantha is honest.

2. Carrie is a terrible role model for women.

Where do I even begin? Her self-respect dwindles with every new man she encounters, letting most of them walk all over her and treat her badly. She has made a career around writing columns about her and her friends’ sexual encounters, and doesn’t know how to do much else. Remember when she was broke and would buy Vogue instead of dinner…?

3. It sets unrealistic standards about adulthood.

If you’re able to work 40 hours a week (more than 50 in Miranda’s case) and still make it out to the bar every night or lunch to chat it up with your 3 closest girlfriends, let me know. Living on your own — which all of them do at some point — is expensive and sometimes requires making social and monetary sacrifices in order to make it work. Carrie is a writer for a weekly column and still manages to buy $400 shoes and designer clothes.

4. The main ladies are all pretty shallow.

Remember when Samantha dumps her boyfriend in the first season because his penis was too small? Charlotte makes Harry wax his back before she agrees to go public with their relationship. Miranda seduces a Catholic man into sleeping with her and then gets upset when he expresses his moral beliefs. And Carrie… I mean, come on, she refers to John Preston in her column as “Mr. Big.”

5. It claims to praise powerful woman, yet in reality shames them.

How many times does Miranda’s plot line consist of missing out on social gatherings because of her job and child? And even worse — the writers made missing another night out of the town seem tragic in comparison to being a single working mother. Not to mention that Charlotte leaves the job she loves at the gallery to start a family with her rich husband.

6. One word: co-dependence.

The four of them can’t even go to the bathroom without the others hearing about it. Carrie is afraid to even eat at a restaurant alone because she fears what men will think of her if she does.

7. Every problem can be traced back to a guy.

Carrie, I’m really sorry that Berger dumped you via sticky note, but it’s nothing to get yourself arrested over. How is it possible that four women in their mid-30s never had to tackle any real issues? Even when Samantha finds out she has breast cancer, it’s nothing that a good boyfriend and pink wig can’t solve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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