A Perfect Relationship Is Impossible, But You Still Shouldn’t Settle For Love

How long will it be until we find each other? I know I’m being impatient, but I just can’t wait to meet you. I know you’re getting here as fast as you can, because I know you can’t wait to meet me either; and even though we haven’t met yet, I feel like I already know you.

You listen to me and value my opinions. You care what I think of your clothes and your hair; and you know I always mean best in my criticisms. You’ve heard my boring work stories a thousand times, but you still listen each and every time I tell them. You know I’m all talk when I say I’m fine, and you never give up trying to make me feel better.

You make me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever met, and I didn’t think that was possible before I met you. You see the world like I do, through rose-colored glasses. It’s not the jokes you tell or the impressions you do, it’s just the way you are. You can make light of any situation, and I appreciate you every day for it.

You know when I need space, and you respect those needs. You don’t need the validation of being my by side 24/7, but instead you’re creating a life for yourself in your job, and I am able to do the same. Even so, you still text me when something funny happens or someone says something that makes you think of me.

You enjoy going out and having a good time together, but you also love just staying home and cuddling after ordering take-out and watching re-runs of our favorite TV shows all night. You make me wonder how I spent so many nights alone before I met you. And you make me sure that I will never feel alone again.

You have some habits and qualities that I’m sure will drive me up the wall at times, but I have some that bother you, too. We fight sometimes and occasionally I may not even want to look at you. But I know that in the end we will always make up, even when we’re stubborn. You know that fighting is part of loving, and would never let a fight come between the love we share.

You love kids, and you want a few of your own someday. Even though the idea of another human being depending on you for guidance and support may scare you a little, you know that the minute you hold your baby in the hospital you will be smitten for life. You know together we will be great parents, even in the trying moments when we wish we’d taken more time before starting a family.

You love me like I’ve always dreamed of, and it comes naturally to you. You know where I’m ticklish, and you know I have a weakness for neck kisses. You know that when I say I hate you, I really mean I love you. You hold my hand just because, and you don’t let a day go by without telling me how you feel. You make me feel like the most important person in the world, and that no matter how busy you, are I will always matter.

You know I’ve been hurt before and that I’m terrified it will happen again. Even on our worst days you know that you would never want to hurt me, and that doing so would make you just as upset as me. Because of you I know that some guys are just jerks, and most importantly that you’re not one of them.

You love me for me and I love you for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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