The Strongest Feeling I’ve Ever Felt

shallow focus photography of man and woman looking down from mountain
João Silas / Unsplash

It’s midnight, I couldn’t fall asleep and I didn’t know why.

I picked up my phone to turn on some relaxing music. I was about to press play when I get a FaceTime notification from someone I love and miss deeply. We talked for a while, until we didn’t have anything else to talk about. I laid down and covered myself in blankets and he did the same. We could still see each other. No words were spoken at this moment. He stared into my eyes like we were reading each other’s minds. It was as if we were looking into each other’s souls. This gaze continued on for a few minutes, although it felt like hours. We have done this before, but I never could fully comprehend what was actually going on until that night.

Being the over-thinker that I am, I did some research the next morning. I must have read hundreds of articles and watched hundreds of videos. There was so much information for something that I thought I was overanalyzing. I read about someone’s experience that was very similar to mine. They said “sometimes the best conversations are the ones where nothing is said,” and I will never forget those words.

I thought about that night for months and I would like to believe that he did too.

Are we soulmates? We could be. I like to think that soulmates aren’t necessarily always “the love of your life”. I believe that there are many people that you will always have a connection with, whether it’s platonic or not. So, maybe we were “meant to be” but for now I’ll just see where life takes me.

I hope that you get to experience that type of connection with someone like I did because that feeling is one of a kind. TC mark

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