25 Thoughts On Love Every 20-Something Girl Needs To Hear Right Now

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala


Don’t rush into a boy’s arms thinking a relationship is the solution to your problems.


You are the solution to your problems. You can solve anything you are determined to solve.


Anything that matters can’t be, and shouldn’t be rushed.


You are pretty, but you are so much more.


A man is not needed to complete your life. You can live fully in your purpose on your own, and it’s completely alright!


Mr. Right may come along later down the road but you will know when he’s right. You don’t have to seek it; or make or mold anyone into the man you want. The right one, will just be right.


Don’t let a boy run off with your heart and leave you empty; heavy with grief wondering where it went. Keep your heart in a safe place, and grow it.


Focus on the things that grow you.


Only love who is a friend to you. Reciprocity is a sign of respect and love.


Beware of the game of power and control in all of its forms.


Guard your heart, yes, but be the first to forgive the permanent people in your life; especially if they are your family.


It is never too late to walk away from a man if you are unhappy, and hurting.


Seek love in everything. In words, in nature, in your body, in your hips and your arms.


Love yourself like it is your duty and your religion.


Speak up when you see something is wrong, and do what you can to change it even if it is only a small thing.


You don’t have to be a super woman, you are already perfect, and your purpose will fulfill its self if you are patient.


Before you save the world, get a good night’s rest. And make sure you save yourself first.


You are stronger and more powerful than you know, and it is all within you.


Gratitude and acceptance breeds happiness and contentment.


Love the person, who loves you and shows it every day. Love is not supposed to be confusing. It should be simple, clear, strong and straightforward; with actions that testify to its truth.


If you fall one day, and you can’t seem to find your way up, look inward, or look to God to build your strength back up. You will find your way back to yourself, a little bit at a time.


Cut all the negative out, and pull from every positive source you can to grow yourself forward where you need to be.


It’s never too late to become new again.


Never stop pursing your calling. Everyone has a purpose and place in this world. Explore your talents, and don’t be afraid of criticism.


Never give up, especially not on yourself; even when you want to. Rest and try again the next day. Your dreams are waiting for you and the world needs you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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