27 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Suicidal

  1. Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1 (800) 273-8255 and talk or vent to them everything that is on your mind until you can’t talk anymore free of judgement
  2. Call one of your parents or siblings and talk to them about what is going on with you.
  3. Call a friend, though you may not be able to give them details about what is going on with you exactly, they might be able to get you out of the house or distract you from what is going on.
  4. You could get artsy. Draw or paint a picture of how you feel.
  5. Journal: Express your thoughts. You can write an entry about what happened to trigger your feelings towards these thoughts. You might even find you have the solutions in your own mind with how to make your life more livable. Keep it to yourself as a diary entry or share it in a blog.
  6. Listen to music. Play your favorite songs that put you in a better mood. Preferably calming, inspiring or uplifting music. Stay away from the melancholy ones.
  7. Go for a walk: An environment change may be good. Nature is a great aesthetic to put you in a better mood if you have been isolated in the house.
  8. Practice deep breathing exercises, until you feel more relaxed.
  9. Make a list of your favorite things whether it be a chocolate bar, or certain place, or hobby. Then indulge yourself
  10. Watch Netflix or Hulu: This is a great way to take your mind of things; relax and enjoy
  11. Take a shower: Showers can make you feel brand new. Water has a calming effect. A hot shower can make your muscles relax, and a cold shower can wake you up and energize you.
  12. Read a magazine/book/news: Entertain and stimulate your brain.
  13. Make an inspiration board including all the things or people that inspire you. This will give you motivation and encouragement.
  14. Go to the gym and work out some of your frustrations. Exercise is a great stress reliever.
  15. Make a goal board including all the things you still want to do, and the places you still want to go to.
  16. Read spiritual text to inspire and guide you. If you have faith, consult your spiritual text for advice to guide you during your rough patch, whether it be The Bible, Quran, or Buddhist writings.
  17. Pray or meditate. Prayer is an option; it simply being an open conversation to God. Or you could meditation and try to clear your mind and focus on one positive thought, a scripture, mantra, or a phrase.
  18. Pamper yourself: This could mean a bubble bath,
  19. Getting a massage
  20. Painting your toe nails
  21. Doing your hair.
  22. Or eating a good meal. Sometimes when we are down, we neglect self-care, so spending time on yourself, or letting those that you love treat you may be the right move.
  23. Look through your old photos on Facebook or in photo albums to reflect on some of the good times you’ve had in your life.
  24. Find a support group, online or in real-life, where you can talk to people who are experiencing similar symptoms or circumstances that can relate to you.
  25. Take your medication, as prescribed. If you are already prescribed medication it could be that you just need to take your medication. If this happened while you were taking medication correctly, and you weren’t under the influence of outside drugs, it’s possible you need a medication change.
  26. Set up an emergency appointment to see your doctor. If you can’t see them immediately, go to the emergency room.
  27. Get proactive about a care plan for you, whether it’s, therapy, medication management, a better environment, or finding a supportive network within your friends and family. It is not your fault that you feel this way, but only you have the keys to finding solutions to improve your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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