10 Thoughts From A Bisexual Female With A Girlfriend

Corinne Kutz

1. It’s not so hard to go out on a date because people don’t turn their heads when they see two girls holding hands. The same can’t really be said for males, which is sad.

2. I can comfortably fangirl with her. Being in the same fandom, we often talk about our idols and squeal at the sight of their pictures and videos. She’s not just my girlfriend, but also my fangirling partner.

3. I can post pictures of us together without worrying about being questioned about it. Again, I live in a country where girls can be physically close without being questioned which is an advantage for us.

4. There’s still the fear of my family finding out my relationship with her. It’s not as if heterosexual couples don’t worry about this. But there’s a greater anxiety because if ever it happens, I’ll get scolded for (1) being bisexual and (2) having a girlfriend. Worst, my family might disown me.

5. She or I might opt to be with a guy. Being bisexual, we both have the possibility to choose to be with a male instead for lesser problems with our families. The thought of having aa boyfriend instead of a girlfriend to make my life easier never leaves my mind because of the practicality but nonetheless, I am with her right now.

6. My girlfriend is someone I can comfortably tell anything to. Menstrual cramps? Laundry day so no more bra? Blood stains? Not a problem. I never had to adjust to these conversations because she goes through these as well.

7. I still dream of having my own family. Our biological limitations cannot be taken out of the picture. Both of us have this thought and it’s something that we can’t settle for now. It might be our “mother tendency” but as long as we’re together, it won’t be a reality for both of us.

8. As someone who isn’t out of the closet, the constant thought of wanting our relationship to be acknowledged is a common topic in our conversations. It isn’t any time soon.

9. We are each other’s mom. She often nags about me staying up too late. I often nag about her skipping meals. She has all these daily reminders that I have only ever heard from my mom and mind you, it’s a very calming feeling to have.

10. My girlfriend is my best friend. As said in the movie, Baka Bukas, best friends with momol (make out make out lang). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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