7 Places You Can Make Money By Selling Junk

1. Sell your clothes, jewelry, and more on Poshmark. Consider this site a fusion of Instagram and EBay. Create a listing, share your closet, and sell items. Your profits can be used towards Poshmark purchases or sent to you via direct deposit or a check mailed to your home address.

2. Sell or trade-in items on Amazon. While you can’t trade everything in for an Amazon gift card, you can sell pretty much anything on their marketplace. Previously, I’ve sold items, but most recently, I traded in a box of an old iPhone model, DVDs from a decade ago, and some books I was done with for an Amazon gift card worth sixty dollars.

3. Give items on Yerdle and receive credit. I discovered this app recently. Although it markets itself as a “free” marketplace, the app still uses their own form of credit currency to mediate giving and receiving items.

4. Don’t forget about Craigslist. The site has a “for sale” option with several different categories. FYI: make sure you seed out the scammers when pursuing business opportunities!

5. And eBay. Do I need to explain this concept?

6. And Facebook. “Swip-swap” groups have become immensely popular recently. Make sure you scope out your area’s group, if it exists, by town and country. There’s about a dozen active groups like this in my area. Once you’ve been added to the group, post photos of your items with a description, your location, and starting price. I’ve made money selling items like a (practically antediluvian) PlayStation 2, Christmas ornaments, and cookware off these groups this way.

7. And every other form of social media. Make sure your friends and family know you’re getting rid of stuff. Post photos and captions on your social media accounts. I always make sure to tweet the things I’m looking to give away. It’s always better to find a home through someone you know, especially if they’re close enough that you don’t need to ship anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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