9 Things That Happen When You Return Home After Studying Abroad In India

This spring, I studied abroad for three-and-a-half months in Bangalore, India. I returned last week. I’m having a severe case of reverse culture shock that affects my daily activities. Reverse culture shock happens when you re-integrate yourself into your native culture after growing accustom to a different one. My friends and family have even noticed my symptoms, such as the nine listed below.

1. You attempt to use your car’s keyless entry to open your front door. Why isn’t this working?!

2. You forget how to use the self-checkout lane in the grocery store.

3. Speedy Wi-Fi connections become a gift from above. It’s not like you need it all the time, thanks to your smartphone’s data plan, but it’s still worth rejoicing over.

4. Everything is expensive again. Sigh.

5. You feel naked while wearing anything that exposes your shoulders and/or legs in public.

6. It takes a little while to un-learn the habit of not drinking tap water, especially while brushing your teeth.

7. You’ll excuse yourself from any social or productive activity for a week to catch up on Netflix and Hulu. I missed entire seasons of Parks and Rec, House of Cards AND Portlandia while I was gone?!

8. The weather at home is not as beautiful compared to tropical climates. Welcome back to the existence of fall and winter, two seasons that dictate half the year.

9. You’ll want to go back in a heartbeat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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