5 Simple Strategies To Get Stuff Done This Week


It’s a short work week, but it feels longer than normal, right? Thanksgiving is Thursday, but it feels like months away. Here are some strategies to fight procrastination and motivate you to actually get shit done this week. I dare you.

1. Every morning before you get out of bed, challenge yourself with a reward. A reward only redeemable on Thanksgiving. “If I finish (x amount of work) by tomorrow, I get an extra plate of mashed potatoes.”

2. Print out a photo of that pair of shoes you’ve been waiting to go on sale and tape it somewhere on your laptop. Don’t allow yourself to look up the price until you’re finished with all your work for the week.

3. Deprive yourself of the new Taylor Swift albums until you’re done absolutely everything you need to do. However, you’re allocated endless amounts of coffee. Starbucks included.

4. Create a money jar. Every time you log onto Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, add one dollar to it. The jar can be emptied and used towards Black Friday shopping. Every second you THINK about logging onto Pinterest or Tumblr, add two dollars. That shit is lethal.

5. Use this opportunity to permanently cut off communication from your ex! That’ll show him.

Happy almost Thanksgiving! xoxo. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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