What Love Should Feel Like

Love should feel like the top of three pillows and the bottom of four blankets on a lazy Saturday morning. It’s where time stops and the world gladly sits on hold and the only thing that matters is that you continue to breathe in moment after crawling moment.

Love should feel like a nook made just for one, where under their arms and over their chest comprises a sanctuary only you can fit in. It’s where you worship their pores and pray for their happiness and are blessed with an overwhelming presence of bliss no organized religion can give you.

Love should feel like a molotov cocktail. It should explode when they throw you down on a bed and burn when they leave you for a busy workday and be as unpredictable as the combinations that comprise your very being.

Love should feel like a middle school dance, where nerves poke through your skin and excitement radiates your smile and sweaty palms grasp the youthfulness of desire. You’ll romanticize moments in notebooks and cherish fading pictures and promise that every feeling of every second will never be forgotten.

Love should feel like a car ride on a summer day, with windows rolled down and a radio up and hair slithering across your face. You know them like the words of the song you sing along to and you swear, if you look just beyond the road, you can see your freedom. An overwhelming contentment burns deep in your spine and rises to your chest and you’re left smiling for no reason at all.

Love should feel like a smooth shot of whiskey. You’re seduced by rebellion and pleasured by the burn and you begin to forget those who comprise your past with every additional trip to the bar.

Love should feel a sundress, held close to the chest while free to flow whichever way the wind takes it. You can’t wait for the season to strike and the temperature to rise so you can flaunt every inch of sun kissed skin.

Love should feel like the beginning of a pick up game. You beam with pride when you’re chosen and hold your head up high when you walk towards your captain and you cannot wait to get the game started. You’ve been practicing long enough.

Love should feel like a blackout. You can’t remember a time without them or when you two started falling or how many kisses contributed to your loss of control. Every morning you wake up wondering how you got here and what you did that lead the two of you to crash into each other.

Love should feel like a marathon. It should exhilarate your heart and exhaust your mind and challenge your resolve. You’ll tell yourself you can’t keep going as you continue to put one foot in front of the other, taking every helpful and rejuvenating cup of water along the way. At the end, you’ll realize how many contributed to your happiness and success.

Love should feel like a clear night. A slight breeze reminds you of the unknown as you look up at sparkling stars and unending darkness. You’ll realize every answer is really a guess and every fact was once fiction and that you are just beginning to learn about love, along with everyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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