20 Things Every 20-Something Must Remember Today, And Every Day

Larm Rmah
Larm Rmah

1. All your friends may be getting married and having children, but that doesn’t mean that you have to rush yourself to live up to those standards.

2. Anything worthwhile takes time and lots of effort.

3. With that being said, sometimes even if you try your hardest, you will fail. But, failure is necessary. It teaches us about strength and determination. You’re old enough to know that life will always be a constant cycle of ups and downs.

4. You don’t have to say yes to everyone all the time. If you really don’t feel like going out to dinner with your friends one night, then stop forcing yourself to please everyone and just stay in.

5. Although you may have your lazy days, you still need to indulge in time with friends and family. There may be a point when you’re swamped with work and won’t be able to have a moment to spend with them. Cherish the days when you are able to.

6. Stop making excuses for the toxic people in your life. It’s only going to be a continuous cycle of endless torment to yourself. Cut them out!

7. You’re never too old for a party.

8. Please, for god’s sake, use protection (if you don’t want children). I bet you hear this all the time, but seriously…just leave some condoms in your purse if you aren’t on BC. Mistakes happen.

9. I know you miss your ex, but I promise you, you’re going to love someone more. Stop wasting your time on someone who is meant for the past. (I still need to work on this one too).

10. Don’t shut yourself out to new people. I know how terribly hard it is to want to keep everyone out of your heart when someone you loved completely shattered you. But please, allow yourself to explore the minds of other beautiful human beings. It may not be your first, second, or third love, but someone is out there. I firmly believe that there’s someone for everyone. Everyone just meets their someone at different times. But, that won’t happen if you close yourself off to every opportunity.

11. Enjoy the little things life has to offer. One day, you’ll look back on the so-called little things and realize they actually were the big things, just like that quote says.

12. Stand up for yourself. Stop letting people belittle you. Stop letting people take advantage of you. You have a voice, use it.

13. Don’t overthink every situation. Sometimes it’s best if you shut your mind off and just let your mind and heart breathe. You don’t need to worry so much, things will fall into place how they’re supposed to.

14. Never stop challenging yourself. Set goals for yourself, whether they’re small or large. Every day can be a new day to succeed in something.

15. No matter how old you think you are, you still have so much room for growth. Every day is an experience.

16. I know this one is so hard for so many, but please, try with everything inside of you to stop judging and labeling others. You really never know what people are going through. We all have stories and maybe you should choose to listen first.

17. And if they still choose to name call, remember that everyone is beautiful to someone. Don’t ever forget that.

18. Don’t be ashamed for who you are or for the things that you’ve gone through. Don’t be embarrassed if you feel like crying or wallowing because of it. Things can get tough sometimes, and that’s okay. We all carry weight on our shoulders. It’s a part of what makes us all unique.

19. Please, I beg of you don’t settle. Not with love, not with a job, not with friends, not with ANYTHING. Wake up every morning with passion, drive, and energy to succeed. If you have any small ounce in your heart telling you that something is not right for you, then please have the courage to leave or to remove it. Life is not worth living if we have to settle for people we don’t love and jobs we hate going to.

20. The best advice I could give anyone is love. Love with all of your heart in anything you do. To some, love may not be everything, but it is the one thing I know that allows us to keep moving forward. It is love that holds us together, that unites us. Love the ones who appreciate you, who adore you, who would do anything to keep that smile on your face. Never take what you have for granted. Stop wasting your time on what ifs or for something better, especially if you know you have the best in front of you. Love that you live in a diverse world, with people of different thoughts and opinions. Because ultimately, that is what makes the world a better place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

New York City Native. When I’m not studying to go into PA school, I enjoy drinking wine and binging on sushi. I hope my words will be able to impact those alike, knowing that they’re never alone.

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