What I Think Love Is Supposed To Be Like

Imagine waking up every morning knowing someone would risk his or her life for you at any moment. Seems a bit too surreal, right? Call me crazy, but that’s the kind of love that I’m searching for.

This world is full of so many ordinary things and I’m tired of settling for them. I’ve desperately wanted to feel all these emotions that so many convey when they’re in love. As a result, I’ve settled for men who in fact did make me happy, but never made me feel the fiery passion that I believe true love incorporates.

In my opinion, falling in love only happens once. It’s possible though, to love several times in your life. But can you really be in love multiple times? The question that I have trouble answering is: what’s the difference between being in love and loving someone? And the truth is, you’ll just know.

I’ve decided that I’m looking for that everlasting love. The type where you can look into the other’s eyes and know that they have absolutely everything you have been looking for. Even when everything else in the world is going wrong, you know that person will ease all the pain. The person who you don’t look towards to make your world, but to have them in your life to make your world that much more exciting. We will go on countless adventures, where we will laugh, cry, and make love. I want to feel like I am on cloud nine, and I can only pray that he will feel it too.

I know that love is not just about receiving. It is about giving and growing. I am going to be the girl who gives you advice. The person who knows the difference between guidance and knowing that you are more than capable to do something great on your own. I will give you your time alone. I promise not to be smothering. But, I can only hope that you will always want to sneak in a little kiss. I will gain your trust and be the person you are comfortable sharing the darkest holes of your past with. The things you tell me will never leave these lips. And your goals are something I will encourage you to achieve, no matter how silly they seem. I will be the girl at the finish line, smiling at how lucky I am to be with such an accomplished individual.

And the reality is, things between us will get rocky. But I’ve learned that there’s a difference between problems we can work out of and when the disagreements we have prove that we are not meant to be. I will not be with a person who makes me question my self worth nor will I continue a relationship where I have to question my trust for them, worrying every day whether or not they will leave me. These feelings of desperation are not worth the mere happiness I receive in such a broken relationship.

I want that love, where, even when we get old, we will be all over each other. I never want the affection to end. I want to show my children that despite all the trial and error, the person you are supposed to be with will find you. We need to future generations to see that there is no shame in showing affection. We also have to let them know that love isn’t simple. It’s actually extremely complicated and messy. Love requires time, care, and nurturing. Nothing in this world is easy, even love.

I know it’s easy to want to give up on love. You’re tired of the pain and endless amounts of tears. But you have to understand that even if you weren’t in love, the people you once loved will lead you to something greater. Because in reality, it is those failed romances that teach us what qualities we do or don’t desire. I’ve been told that there is somebody for everybody. I believe it. You should too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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New York City Native. When I’m not studying to go into PA school, I enjoy drinking wine and binging on sushi. I hope my words will be able to impact those alike, knowing that they’re never alone.

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