7 Reasons Why You Should End Up With A Man Like Your Father


1. Your father was the first man to ever enter your life and the first man who you ever learned to treat with utter reverence. Despite what most may think, it’s hard to learn how to respect someone. Your father was a living example of traits you should look out for, ones you learned to be proud. And most importantly, you probably still love him for all of his flaws. Simply put, you’re more likely to fall for someone and have respect for an individual who has imperfections like your father because you already know how to tolerate them.

2. A father’s love for his daughter teaches her to have self-confidence and to love herself. That is why you need to find someone who is able to love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Because a guy’s love for you will teach you to love yourself, and we can always benefit from a boost of confidence.

3. Father’s always tell us to reach for our dreams. We need to learn that we must always chase and strive to achieve our goals. We should never stop racing for the moon just because of a guy. So, look for a man who encourages you to keep trying. If you already accomplish that goal, he should be encouraging you to make more of them.

4. Your father is one of the only men who has ever accepted you even when you were in the wrong. You’ve yelled and cried, to him and at him, and he still forgave you. You need to find someone who loves you even in your lowest points. We are all humans and we’ll break down from time to time. But to find someone special is to find someone who understands us, in all of our messiness, and brings us out of those horrible moments.

5. Your father has seen you grow up and age. He’s seen you through puberty. He’s watched you gain and lose weight and stuck by your side through it all. As years go by, our bodies will start to change. We will have wrinkles, gain stretch marks — we’ll pretty much look much older than we once were. But, only a true, devoted man will continue, and unfailingly, to accept you even when your looks start to fade. As Lana Del Rey asks, “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” Be with the man who will.

6. A true, loving father will always confront his children when times get tough. A great father will voice his emotions. And one of the most important traits to look for in a significant other is open communication. When your lover talks about your problems with you and tries to sort them out, it’s his way of showing you that your affection is worth fighting for. That’s why great fathers don’t avoid these conversations, because they don’t want to lose the love you have for them.

7. And lastly, the best fathers will show you affection at just the right times. They will hold you, hug you, kiss you, and squeeze you. They should NEVER attack you, slap you, kick you, or punch you. Humans crave touch to understand how loved they really are. Find a man who isn’t afraid to be intimate. Be with the man who makes you feel comfortable to be beside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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