The Benefits Of Being Alone

When some people think of being alone, they think it means being rejected by others or that you’re anti-social. There are other meanings for social rejection and being anti-social, but being alone is not one of them. Being alone is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, and in a strange sort of way, to others.

Being alone is not a negative state of being. It comes with bonus benefits that we often don’t realize. I’m not advocating you go off and spin your own web and sit in it for a while. I’m also not recommending you get deserted like Tom Hanks in Cast Away and find an inanimate companion. There are benefits to simple companionship, but also to being alone.

When you embrace and enjoy being alone, you will find yourself learning more. Often, we learn the most when we are able to reflect in peace and quiet. As we go over the course of our lives at any given moment, if we are wise, we will take note of the mistakes we made and the changes we need to make. Being alone helps us to think about our actions and reactions and causes us to find meaning in difficulty.

When we enjoy being alone, we become more productive. Less distractions equal more accomplishments. We recharge our internal batteries out and away from the spotlight and pressure of other people. Solitude is one of our greatest pinnacle points of triumph. We also enjoy relationships with other people more. And not in a superficial, surface, reciprocal way, but we grow to really appreciate being together. We don’t depend on others for happiness; you bring your own happiness to the table.

Being alone gives you the freedom to think for yourself, to get to know yourself, to make better decisions without external influence, to create your own energy and verve, and to realize what you want and need in life before the time ever comes to get it. Make sure you’re a good friend to yourself, that you enjoy your own thoughts, your own company, and your own ability to make the changes in your life that matter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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