You’re Not Perfect, But You’re Awesome

No one and nothing are perfect. If you find something or someone who is perfect, you’ll find out sooner or later that it’s not as perfect as it’s cracked up to be. Like fear, perfection is an illusion. Lots of people are striving for perfection and searching for perfection — perfect careers, perfect people, perfect happiness.

Of course, they never find it. It’s a futile pursuit, simply because, it does not exist. Unlike a lion after prey, in a hunt for perfection, we are never good enough, smart enough, or talented enough to reach the top of that mountain. The pursuit of perfection is a pinnacle of nothingness. Once we get there — which we never will — we find blank space and stuffy air.

We spend time covering our defects and rejecting our flaws. This is all a colossal waste of time. We throw away beauty in the process. The very things we hate are often the very things we need. An imperfect life does not mean a wasted life. It’s like a movie — it has its merits and its trash. The only way to enjoy the movie of life is to be willing to fully share and be engaged in the experience — blemishes, freckles, moles and all.

Nothing we do will be perfect. It will have its ridges, its incongruent lines and its wide open spaces. But it’s all okay. It’ll look odd and strange to some. But that’s okay too. The goal is awesomeness. You can’t be awesome if you’re trying to be perfect. To throw away deficiencies is to dump beauty. To shun weakness is to abandon strength.

Perfection takes a lot of effort; awesomeness does not. When you’re awesome, you don’t have to prove anything. You are who you and proud to be. “There is no short-cut to awesomeness,” because you’re born that way. There’s no dead-end to awesomeness either because it continues while you live and way past the time you leave this world.

A lot of times, we keep looking for something better, but the best things are already there. And if we look with intentionality a bit more, we’ll see it. You have a great deal to offer the world. If you ever get around to getting over the mole on the side of your face, you just might give the world what it needs. Because you’re awesome, not perfect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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