How To Draw A Wolf: A Step By Step Guide

Ever feel like a misunderstood lone wolf? Ever want to *draw* a wolf? Well look no further, my ferocious friends! This drawing tutorial will get you drawing a wolf in no time. Even if you didn’t want to.

1. Let’s first look at an image of a wolf. Or, if you have one available, stare at that. Notice how every body part is shaped and how its legs bend, where each joint is, etc. Ok, now it’s probably time for you to run—I think it sees you.

Yellowstone National Park

2.You should begin with a circle, or the head.

3. Then we have a smaller oval towards the bottom of that circle. This is our snout. Wolves tend to have a pretty long snout.

4. Now for an even smaller circle within that small oval. That’s our nose.

5. For our jaw, I drew a small U-shape underneath the snout.

6. Now it’s time for those cute little ears! Let’s draw some rounded out triangle shapes at either side of the head.

7. Speaking of triangles, we’re going to add some triangle pieces to the bottom of our head since wolves got some pretty thick fur ’round them parts.

8. What’s this? Another triangle?? Yes. You should add one at the bottom of your new head shape. Let’s just call this our wolf “beard”.

9. Ok, time for the chest. Slap a hefty circle behind that head like I did.

10. Add another circle for the end of your wolf torso. In my case, I made mine look like a rounded rectangle. This is just our rough skeleton so you don’t need to be too exact with everything just yet!

11. Let’s draw an “S” curve to connect our two torso circles. Looking good!

12. Get that tail in there.

13. Uh-oh. Here comes the legs. Let’s begin by drawing the top of the front leg: a simple circle.

14. Add another (smaller circle) underneath that first one. This will be our knee joint.

15. Next up is our paw, an even smaller circle underneath the knee.

16. Draw some ovals directly on your paw circle. These will be our wolf toes!

17. Now, connect all those leg circles together.

18. Repeat steps 13-16 for the other front leg.

19. Connect those circles.

20. Alright, that leaves two more legs to go! Get a bigger circle going for the top of your hind leg. The thighs have it.

21. And what the heck, while you’re at it, throw another circle behind that one for the other thigh.

22. Here’s that knee joint circle.

23. Draw the other hind knee circle now.

24. Hmm that looks like a paw circle to me!

25. Another hind paw!

26. Get those toe ovals in there.

27. It’s finally time to connect all those hind circles.

28. Oh no, we’ve almost forgotten the face! I want to throw you a bone (get it?!) and offer a face guide or grid to help with feature placement. Draw a slightly curved line on the Y-axis* of the face. You can stop it when you reach the bottom lip or jaw.

* “Y-axis” is just a fancy way of talking about a vertical line.

29. If you remember anything from math class (I certainly do not), you know that there is also an X-axis. Draw that curved horizontal line from the bottom of one ear to the other.

30. Now, all these lines did was give you a better understanding of where to put your eyeballs. They should rest on the X-axis and each fall on either side of the Y-axis (with a little breathing room).

31. Let’s draw our ear “curves” now in the middle of each ear triangle. Kind of looks like I was trying to draw a U but stopped halfway through.

32. Using part of the original head circle and part of the snout oval, we’re going to draw our mouth. Then, let’s add the bottom of our mouth, complete with that wolf tongue. Magic!

33. It’s time for those sharp wolf nails at the end of our toe ovals. Equipped to do some serious damage.

34. Things are looking pretty rough. Let’s add an outline over everything to get a better sense of where our exact lines should be.

35. Let’s erase our skeleton to clean up further. Now we’re left with a creepy and smooth wolf blob.

36. Adding some hair texture will make it look less like a blob. This is how I draw my fur. You’re more than welcome to draw it a different way.

37. Now we can erase that “blob” line. Goodbye, blob!

38. I’m adding more texture to my wolf by drawing more fur lines inside.

39. I should add some background stuff. Let’s perch our wolf on a rock or cliff or whatever.

40. Ok, now slap some color on that wolfie!

41. Omg I almost forgot my moon! This wolf needs something to howl at besides my mediocre drawing abilities.

Looks like we’re done here. Goodbye, blobs!

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