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Sometimes The Most Amazing People You Meet In Life Are The Ones You Must Let Go

Why is it that some of the most amazing people you meet in life are the ones you must let go? This is a question I have asked myself numerous times over the years. I have created bonds and shared connections with some of the most wonderful people, yet I have had to let them exit my life. I have loved and entrusted these individuals with my whole heart. I have seen all of them, each flaw and every part that makes them who they are, yet I no longer speak to them. We went from talking for hours, seeing each other multiple times a week and making promises to one another about our future together, to becoming strangers. My mind constantly wonders how this is fair and what the point of meeting someone so amazing if you can no longer have them as a part of your life. I often wonder how they are doing. I ponder how their family is and if they are finally doing the things they have always talked about doing in their lives. I wonder if they are happy. Yet I can never ask.

We meet some of the most important people in our lives in the most unexpected ways, and then suddenly they become strangers who have held our heart and know what it feels like to be loved by us. Maybe it is that everyone serves a different purpose in our lives. Maybe each individual that you come across is there to teach you something new about yourself or to show you how to love your insecurities because they find your flaws to be beautiful. Maybe each heartbreak is there to make you stronger and make you learn more about yourself and that is all. Maybe the person is not meant to be in your future, but their energy and love will always be carried in your heart. And maybe this is okay. Maybe this idea is one that we can accept if we internalize the true beauty that comes from each connection made with others. Instead of thinking that each person that comes into our lives needs to stay forever, we can believe that every person we come across can help us grow and advance in a new way. Their presence creates a lasting effect on us forever.

This creates a domino effect—each person we love and learn from helps us teach and love others better and harder. Maybe this is the point of all of the pain felt when losing someone from your life who you couldn’t imagine losing. Every individual has a reason for coming into your life, and if they need to leave your life, there is a reason for that too. So, instead of being upset about losing them, recognize the reality that you gained new insights on yourself, which has allowed a new beauty to glisten off your aura due to the pureness of being loved by this person.

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