I remember that day, 365 days ago today

With sand in our toes and tears of laughter streaming down my face

We were strangers, yet our souls were a match

Your eyes were my fire and your lips were the match

With just a look from you, you had me in the palm of your hand

Our smiles were too big for our faces

You made me so happy, 365 days ago today

I remember that picture

the one I took of us

the last day

Your smile brightening up the whole photo

So much was said in that photo

so much love was felt through that picture

So much happiness I could not even express

I printed that picture out 365 days later

and as I look at my face

I realize I am no longer the same

So free, with a face that was glowing

That’s how you made me feel

I cannot believe we are no longer talking

I would have never guessed this would happen had you told me

But at least I have this picture of us

Staring down at me on my little desk

and every time we make eye contact

it’s like you’re poking into my heart screaming, “Remember me? Remember this?”

Trust me, I do

I do

I do

And I know you are thinking of me too

I know it because our souls are matched

I was the light to your fire

My joyous laughter was the key to your heart

No wonder you told me you loved me just a few weeks after we met

We really shared something special 365 days ago

So I know one day we can look at this picture together again

Back at that beach

Another day, another year, a summer day full of sand in our toes and tears of laughter streaming down our faces

Where our love story first began and will reignite

365 days from today.

Reading books in one sitting is a sport for me :)

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