You Are Deserving Of Every Magical Thing This Life Has To Offer

You are worthy of love. Every single thing you have experienced has helped shape you into the strongest, most resilient version of yourself. Praise yourself for surviving all that you’ve been through so far — you should truly be proud.

You are so deserving of every magical thing this life has to offer and so much more. Your inner beauty shines brighter than the millions of stars dancing in the night sky.

Your light is unmatched; your soul radiates a love so pure that most people have never even felt before. You are absolutely mesmerizing. The universe can’t fathom how someone with your magnetism actually exists.

The people in your life are like flowers, and you are their sunshine; without you, there is no growth.

Never allow anyone to dim your magnificent light. You should be praised for how bright you truly shine. Surround yourself with those who acknowledge and appreciate all that you have to offer. Your essence is pure love, and that is the only love you should accept.

You may not notice how much you mean, but I can promise you, anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing you will agree that you’re just as important as the moon is to the night.

You have a galaxy inside of you, and people gravitate towards that part of you. Allow those with good hearts to explore all that you have to give. Many people will try, but few will actually be worthy.

Please don’t sell yourself short. There is not a single in the soul who can love like you. Wrap yourself in the idea that your love is the greatest gift you can give to others and share your love accordingly.

The person who needs your love the most is yourself, so don’t forget to shower yourself with the love that you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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