Take The Time To Fall In Love With Yourself

Please be gentle with yourself. Stand up for yourself and be the advocate you need. Find your voice and scream your truth to the universe. Don’t let anyone invalidate your life experience. Don’t allow anyone to stifle your growth. Even if that person is you.

Tell yourself that you are worthy and spend as much time necessary proving that to yourself. I understand this is not an easy task, but it’s important for you to at least try. Be aware that you might not immediately feel any different, but don’t let that discourage you. Trust me when I say that falling in love with yourself, respecting yourself, and being there for yourself when you need it is the most life changing love you’ll ever know.

Nobody on this earth will ever love and care for you the way you will. Nothing feels better than saying “You know what? I deserve this. I truly deserve the love I so desperately try to give everyone.” Self-love is such a rich emotion to possess. It’s something that cannot be stripped away from you by anybody, except for yourself. That statement alone is empowering. In a world where nothing is promised, you can always have love for yourself.

Self-love is the most beautiful, all-consuming love to ever exist. If you can love and forgive yourself after all you’ve been through, then nothing in this world can stop you. Loving yourself will change the way you experience your life.

Coming from someone who spent the majority of her life intoxicated by feelings of loathing and disdain towards herself, it’s an incredible change of pace. To love yourself, to be your own best friend, and to simply find comfort in your own skin is freeing. Alone time becomes sacred. It makes you love everything a little bit more, and appreciate all that life has to offer in a beautiful, new way.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of your heart, really allow the love to pour over yourself, and embrace the sensations of your own love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I want to help people who feel like me know they’re not alone

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