I Finally Started The Self-Love Diet And I’ve Never Felt Better About My Body


In today’s world we find ourselves bombarded with information about how we should take care of our body: exercises, diets, types of foods, work out routines, etc.

For those who are beginning a transition in their lifestyles, some might undergo diets, routines, or resort to extra “boosts” such as diet pills because of the desperate need to achieve immediate results. The reasons why many women make these decisions are respectable and debatable, but beyond the diet, the diet pill, or the little tummy tuck, it is important to understand the cause behind these decisions, and assume the consequences.

For this reason, I think it is important to be able to share about the most effective diet, which I have started applying, which as of now has given me results and has made me want to quit since it involves a lot of will power and dedication (and who has time for that? Right?) The diet is not based on torturing myself in counting macros, calories or adding points. Nor is it a question of measuring my waist and arms every week, let alone doing cardio for two hours every day.

This diet is simply based on self-love; I listen to my body, nurture it, move at my pace, challenge it, and pamper it.

It is not a diet of two or six months, it is a change in my every day lifestyle that involves immersing myself to face my own challenges and to break down the walls that prevent me from making real and fulfilling changes, more than just getting some abs and perkier butt. It’s a lifestyle change that is throwing away my old beliefs, knocking down my walls, and making me face my fears.

Sometimes we follow routines and diets without actually knowing the effects they have on our body. As we get to know ourselves, we will know how we can nourish our body; what kind of thoughts we need to implement, what habits we need to eliminate, what kind of food our body tolerates, and what kinds of routines enable us to achieve effective results.

Each workout or whatever activity we choose to do, should make us feel alive and full of energy. We know that motivation comes from within, but it’s also important to choose activities and routines that allow us to enjoy what we are doing and challenge us physically and mentally.

Trainers and diets have the power to change our bodies; they can help us improve our performance, physical appearance, and health.

But beyond changes at the physical level, we must be aware that changes need to go hand in hand with internal changes.

Every change that we want to achieve in our life begins with a thought; with time we develop it and we begin to create a plan to achieve it.

As we start to plan it out and visualize, we begin to move our body on the inside, and this impels us to materialize it looking for the resources; dietary information, different types of food, exercise routines, trainers, or friends who support us to achieve the desired change. And as we begin to move inside and out, we will know what we need to increase or decrease during the day. And even though we might have our trainer on our back telling us to “be careful with what we eat,” it turns out that beyond our food intake, it is our emotions we need to start “toning up.”

Our eating habits reflect our emotional state. If we start observing what we eat when we are happy, sad, angry, and anxious, etc., we can notice how our food choices vary from one to the other. In order to achieve lasting and fulfilling changes, we need to start by accepting ourselves first. There is no diet or pill more effective than accepting who we are right now.

Being able to recognize our starting point allows us to carry out a plan that fits us and is based on the love we give ourselves, not on what others expect us to be. When we begin to move from a point of self-love we will notice a change in our relationship with others and ourselves. We begin to free ourselves from that which intoxicates our day-to-day life, whether they are thoughts, behaviors, or people. We begin to feel lighter when we move away from relationships that “absorb” us and do not contribute in our way.

We will feel a surge of energy as we begin to surround ourselves with those that point towards growth, those people who begin to align themselves to heal and share with others.

As time goes we begin to feel the need to seek alternatives that nourish our soul more, and we put our ego on a “restrictive diet.” Just as we love to look good, it is important to also feel the same way. It is important to match our glow on the outside to our glow on the inside.

Once we start nourishing from within, we start to smile with the fire that burns inside and reflects the spark of divine light within us.

We all have different resources to achieve the desired change in our body, it’s just a matter of listening and attending to what the body is asking for. It is not about losing 5 pounds, building a bigger butt or toning the back, it’s about how we are feeling during the process and what kind of internal changes we are achieving in order to enjoy the end result.

Sometimes we achieve the desired result, but we still feel the same on the inside, so it is important that we can go step by step identifying what we feel, take the time to be alone, and begin to recognize what motivates us to improve our health.

The perfect body does not exist, and little by little we understand that it is not the number on the scale, hours of training, or the latest diet trend; But rather it’s about choosing a lifestyle that allows us to enjoy what we eat, improve our health, increase our tranquility, allows us to grow at our pace and challenge us day by day to transform habits that allow us to continue developing our potential.

Let’s start to increase the smiles, reduce the insecurities, and implement shakes of acceptance and gratitude. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Strong believer in the power of thought and how the mind and body connection ultimately give color and shape our reality.

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