This Year Wrecked Me And It’s Time To Move On

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Riccardo Mion / Unsplash

It is finally the end. This year has one foot outside the door. But oh 2018, you were a hurricane to my inner city and now I’m reconstructing myself.

This year wrecked me in every possible sense. I fell down. I thought I was never going to love again. I saw the people that I love getting heartbroken over and over again. I saw my dreams crumbling down. I found myself in a place with no motivation. My eyes didn’t even have any more tears left to cry. I lost some friends and I got heart broken a couple of times. Even a bird shit on me. But hell, If I wouldn’t do it again. Not because I’m sort of an insensible masochist but because this catastrophe makes me who I am. Sure this year might not have been perfect or anything like we thought it would be. But we’re still standing and after this year causing havoc, we can finally reconstruct who we are and who we would like to be.

So yeah, this year we look back to everything we have learned. To all the times we thought we weren’t enough. To all the times we just wanted to simply give up. Yet here we are; we were enough and we did not give up. We have proved that no matter how many times life punches us; we will strive back. Because we can, because we are who we are after all the mess. Because we believe something better awaits. And it’s in this belief that everything shall pass and begin again.

Time makes us change and shift directions. This year the wind blew us on a different path, we looked around and saw the world with different eyes. Let’s not forget about the time we gave a hug to someone who needed it. The time we listened to someone that had to say a thing. The time we loved beyond our comprehension, because I assure you, that love does not go to waste.

This year sure left some scars within us but we’ll carry them proudly. It’s just a proof that we destructed some walls to build some bridges. We decided to dance in the rain before we got some sunny days. Now we’re shaking up the dust, gaining some strength and stepping towards a new year. Here’s to a new adventure probably full of scraped knees but to one heck of a new story. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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