Here’s To The Ones Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Vulnerable

Ani Kolleshi / Unsplash

Here’s to the ones who aren’t afraid to feel vulnerable. Many times in life our feelings sorta explode in our faces. When that happens we might feel like a fool for having loved, for having being opened with people who we shouldn’t have and it’s in these moments that we need to remember this: we are the winners, always. We, who aren’t afraid to speak up what’s inside our hearts shouldn’t be worried about a single thing.

I have come up to the agreement with myself that when one makes a decision with one’s heart, one always win. No matter the outcome. No matter the heartbreak. If we truly stay loyal to what stirs inside us then we got nothing, absolutely nothing to lose.

There’s a world out there that has told this lie over and over to protect itself: the ones that feel are the ones who are weak. This is the biggest lie. This is the biggest scam of the century. No, feeling is not your demise, feeling is the beginning and the root of being human. You don’t lose when you tell someone you miss them, you don’t lose when you tell someone you want them and you never lose when you tell someone you love them. We have got to stop treating our feelings like scum ’cause they’re not. Feel vulnerable from time to time, embrace the unknown, let rejection come in and make it your friend. Invite it over for a couple of drinks and let it know that you’re willing to learn from it. Know that it takes a lot of courage to feel vulnerable, so be courageous.

The saddest and realest truth is that we learn from our failures, from the dark times that steal our light, from the desperate need to feel fresh air. Sometimes when we are finally open and brave enough to gather the courage to speak up, the outcome is not what we intended, but we can’t control everything. Sometimes we need to just let go of the stir wheel. We have to embrace the chaos knowing that it will pour there again. That reconstructing our fallen inner cities are making us stronger, are making us grow.

We have got to stop trying to play it cool; we have got to stop pretending we don’t care because we do. And it’s absolutely fine. It’s not the end of the world to give someone the power to hurt us, because at the end of it all if we don’t what’s the point of living. It might hurt like a truck just ran over you, but then it won’t and you’ll be alright. Why? Because you didn’t leave any leftover words, any leftover feelings and your soul will heal again.

Feel vulnerable because you owe that to yourself. Say what you need to say, tell people how you feel, show others how to be human again. Tell them about the biggest lie that this century holds. Tell them that no feeling is ever unrequited. Tell them that nothing good ever comes from hiding.

The facts are these. We are human; we’re supposed to feel. We’re supposed to be able to feel fulfilled; we’re supposed to be able to feel shattered. Yet we avoid any kind of harm. Yet even sometimes, we avoid any form of real happiness. Being happy or feeling sad they all require vulnerability. They all require us to be open enough to feel whatever comes our way. Words resonate with us for a reason, don’t let them drown you.

Here’s to the ones who aren’t afraid to speak up about their true feelings, here’s to the ones who aren’t afraid to feel crushed and here’s to the ones who aren’t afraid to begin again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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