The Unknown Road Ahead Is Often Better Than The Path You Already Travelled

We have already been there multiple times throughout our lives. We started off as children who were just learning to pick up the pen and who, somehow, were excitingly and without prejudice picking up the idea of trying new things. Somehow, as time slipped through our hands and veins, we swallowed the poison of growing up, of responsibility, of fear of losing our ground, our safe space, and the abstract idea of what we call “home”. This fear of the unknown often keeps us held down in the wrong places, in the wrong relationships with others and with ourselves.

But the beautiful mystery and meaning of living only really grows out in the wild forests, far and wide outside the small garden surrounding our everyday routines. Chase something that you always wanted to have, to do, to experience, to become. The path you are on right now may not be the one for you anymore. Maybe where you are right now reminds you of all that went wrong lately—everyone you lost, the mistakes you have made. If something there makes you feel lost and like you are not meant to be there, then trust me, there are some places or people or experiences out there waiting to cherish you, make you grow, make you happy, waiting to bring out the best in you. Give yourself the wings to fly, little bird, to wherever you need to be—this world is big, and our lives too short to spend useless time in dark basements. Seek the sky, the light shining through the bars.

So here’s to you, who craves a new beginning—you can have it. It’s out there, it’s all for you, it’s been waiting for you. To offer you what you need to feel alive, to rediscover and reinvent yourself all over again. Every now and then, leave what you know, for every sunset promises another sunrise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

About the author

Daniela Lupu

I believe in romantic winters and in the power of inspiration.