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Why Don’t Men Speak Up?

So, what is it that us ‘good men’ have a fear of? Silly things, probably. The fear of not being liked, maybe, or the fear of being made fun of and derided. The fear of being excluded, the fear of being fired, or possibly even just the fear of speaking.

8 Foolproof Ways To Stay Depressed

Make sure to put yourself and the way you’re feeling down as often as possible. Remind yourself that you’re worthless and inconsequential to society despite all the evidence to the contrary.

7 Children’s Books That Can Still Help Us Grow Up

There’s no escaping it. There’s only trying to remember it’s temporary, that you’re not alone, and that there will be a time when days like this will have given you the perspective needed to keep your kid from shipping himself off to Australia simply because he had a bad day.