The Uncertainty Of Love Is What Makes It So Wonderful


What is love? The meaning is so utterly complex yet so beautifully simple. Everyone shows love in their own way, be it something as small as buying that special someone their favorite food when shopping, if only to let them know that you’re thinking of them, or as complex and confusing as trying to express to them in words the feelings they stir in your heart.

It is like the moon, constantly changing and searching for its full glowing form. But first let me say that nothing done in the pursuit of love is ever a waste, regardless of the outcome, you may fumble and you may fall but as long as you give it everything, you will never regret. In our lives we will love many, obviously not all will be in the romantic sense, lest we forget that family and friends are called loved ones for a reason.

But I much prefer the romantic kind of love, the kind that can only be felt in the presence of someone that makes your mind soar, the kind that brings a sense of peace to your soul, the kind that when asked how you possibly feel that way no words come to mind other than “i just do” because no words can truly express the way they make you feel, and sometimes the kind that when lost feels like you’ve lost a piece of yourself, the piece you were most afraid to part with.

It’s said from great pain we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the things we truly hold dear, that is undoubtedly the truth, without the pain we would never look at ourselves and what led us down the path we chose, but I personally wouldn’t change a thing even if I was afforded the chance, because more often than not your first reaction is always the right one.

Love doesn’t always follow a plan, and it’s that uncertainty that makes it so wonderful.

Sometimes we fall for someone quick and sometimes we don’t at all, but the fact we’re able to feel that way is nothing less than magical. It can be as subtle and unflinching as a whisper, telling your heart to take a chance, to push for something more, to seek truth and meaning , to aim for something beyond the ordinary, and to search for the divine.

Through joy, pain, hope, sorrow, fear, uncertainty it is always there, like a shadow it never leaves your side, it pushes and pulls, has highs and lows like the tides of the sea, and when found it can have a depth far greater than any ocean. The type of love i, and what I’d like to think everyone seeks is not only a physical attraction, but something much deeper, something beyond words, something that brings out the very best of you and likewise the very best of them.

To love for a body or a face is not the truth I nor you should seek, like a river cutting through a mighty canyon change is inevitable, looks will fade in time and youth is as fleeting and short-lived as the seasons, but feelings can last forever, they are as immortal and timeless as the sun, as our lives may fade some quicker than others, some things last forever.

In my experience it’s the little things we tend to love about someone, the way they smile, the emotion that can be drawn out with something as simple and unwavering as a kiss, the way her head fits perfectly on your chest when you lay in bed together and knowing that even on the hottest days your hand still feels cold without theirs clutched gently in yours, that being completely open with each other about anything and everything is as easy and natural as breathing, and the mutual reassurance that everything will be alright as long as you have them.

To talk about nonsense for hours on end and never feeling for a second that the conversation is forced, and especially knowing that every sweet kind thing you say to them isn’t a means to anything other than making them smile the way they make you smile. The truth of the matter is there are no certainties in life or love, chances must be taken, bridges must be crossed and doubt must be pushed aside if we’re to gain anything truly worthwhile in this world.

Everyone has flaws but learning to accept and love someone for those flaws is the most sincere and beautiful embodiment of love that I can imagine.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been attracted to a specific kind of person, usually one with a past and endless walls and mazes around their heart, I’ve often wondered why that is, what I’ve realised is that in the deepest part of me I’ve always wanted to help others, to heal and to bring peace regardless of the personal cost or sacrifice, which ironically is usually what it takes, I simply see the very best in people even if they don’t see it themselves, if I could change that fact I still wouldn’t, because in essence that’s a large part of who I am.

Nothing is more beautiful than wanting with all your heart to be with someone regardless of their past, or the mistakes they may have made, and to look beyond that to see the blinding beauty that lies within is truly breathtaking. Im so incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to not only learn, but feel with every part of me that I could want another person to such an extent, yes sometimes there is pain and I’m sure it will hurt for some time but don’t worry, it’s that pain that truly shows us that we’re alive and I’d willingly suffer it a million times more.

Now understand that this note is not a cry for help, nor do I beckon or garner for sympathy, if anything it is an introspective look at the idea of love, it’s true meaning is up to you to decide, because we are all travelers in this world, each walking our own path, both in and out of the lives of others, and where two paths intersect to become one, THAT is beauty, THAT is truth, and THAT is meaning, because from that fateful intersection many more paths are made and the cycle of life continues on forever, creating new life as unique and numerous as the stars in the sky.

So love freely, love openly, love honestly, and most importantly love without regret, we only get one chance at this life, don’t hold back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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