Photos with “Ken” in Times Square: A Study in Awkwardness

As part of some weird advertising campaign to promote the 50th anniversary of Ken dolls, Mattel has been putting on a full blitz, including subway posters, web site banners, and, on Monday, photo-opportunities with Ken (well, good-looking, nearly-plastic men in suits and baby blue ties with Ken tags on their wrists). The photo stream from Times Square, as well as photos from L.A. and elsewhere, are all publicly visible on Barbie’s Facebook page. You don’t even have to friend her! That girl needs to learn about privacy settings.

Here are the best of the best. If you were asking yourself, “What kind of people are strolling through Times Square between 9am and noon on a Monday in the winter, posing for photos with men dressed up as Ken dolls”, look no further for your answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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