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Photos with “Ken” in Times Square: A Study in Awkwardness

As part of some weird advertising campaign to promote the 50th anniversary of Ken dolls, Mattel has been putting on a full blitz, including subway posters, web site banners, and, on Monday, photo-opportunities with Ken (well, good-looking, nearly-plastic men in suits and baby blue ties with Ken tags on their wrists).

Guess You Shouldn't Just Go With It Tonight

Now, I’m not sure how this movie could possibly be bad when it has such talent as Jennifer Aniston (she of The Bounty Hunter, that one was terrific), Brooklyn Decker, Allan Covert (better known as the guy from Grandma’s Boy), and Sandler favorites Kevin Nealon and Dave Matthews.

Rupert Murdoch's New iPad Thing Looooves The Winklevoss Twins

The people of The Daily editorial team either haven’t seen The Social Network, or think you didn’t see it. Regardless, they think the fact that Goofy and Doofy Winklevoss still resent Mark Zuckerberg, and want more money, is news. A $65 million settlement (which is actually the lowest estimate that has been made about what the twins nabbed from Daddy Zuckbucks) isn’t enough for them. They deserve more.

Kanye Clause Delivers an Early Christmas Gift

If you like Kanye, or hip-hop, or good music (also G.O.O.D. Music), or Christmas, you will like this. The song is bouncy and fun. It literally sounds like an actual Christmas tune that you might hear over the speakers in Michael’s arts and crafts store, as you wait in that goddamn line for twenty minutes to pay for an embarrassingly crappy plastic wreath.

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