6 New And Latest Dating Apps You Need To Download Today

1. Kerosene

An accelerated version of Tinder, users who match on Kerosene are automatically entered into a legally binding agreement to have sex that night.

2. Skydaters

This app schedules jumps for singles who want photos of themselves skydiving to post on other dating apps.

3. Biz-E

For people too career focused to date right now, the app’s software ages profile photos 10 years. This let’s you see what potential partners will look like when they’ll actually have time for a relationship.

4. HardHearts

Connects people who repossess medical equipment from struggling hospitals, with people who aren’t horrified by that line of work.

5. Groomz

Created after the legalization of gay marriage, this app was advertised for gay men in search of husbands, but it just continuously suggests any user may want to marry a dog, cat, bird, tree, chair or other non human entities. We found out the assholes at the Westboro Baptist Church are behind this one.


Sets users up on dates with Google employees. Google guarantees this isn’t part of any experiment involving human-like android prototypes but, after several “employees” caught fire during the first week of the app’s release, that’s probably what it is. TC mark

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