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A Letter To My Grandfather

My hope is that, from time to time, you can pick up this letter and read it with Grandma, and remind yourself that you were — for one boy, at the very least — the most important thing in the world.

The Struggle To Love Yourself

She starts to shake. This is what she can’t make her friends understand: how physical it is. How can she make them know? How do you communicate this? How it’s like walking through a spider web, caught in something that you can’t get out of. She wants so badly to be normal, and good, and happy, to be a successful woman, whatever that actually means. But she’s not any of those things and she knows it.

The Irony Of Loneliness

alone lonely introvert

I am an introvert. I know this about myself. I enjoy being alone. Moreover — as is true of most introverts, I think — I romanticize the idea of being alone. But being alone for any real length of time is romantic only in theory.