7 Fool Proof Ways To Instantly Be More Attractive

Michelangelo Carrieri
Michelangelo Carrieri

1. Don’t be a dick.

People are attracted to genuine human kindness, not bad treatment (unless you’re into the type of person that’s into that kind of stuff I suppose). In general, it’s always better to be a nice person.

Hold open the door for a passing person. If you make eye contact with a person walking by you then give them a damn smile, it doesn’t cost you anything. If someone wants to strike up a conversation with you then don’t immediately look for any excuse to get away. Enjoy the fact that you are meeting a new person.

Think about the number of times you have encountered a person scowling with a “fuck off” stamp on their forehead. How often has this person come off as attractive? The answer is most likely zero. A genuine smile, a kind handshake, a flirty “hey girl”, is all it can take to come off as the beautiful human you are.

2. Don’t be a liar.

Being an honest person is a valuable virtue to have nowadays. Honesty is the key to developing a healthy relationship with anyone whether it be platonic or romantic. If you’re dishonest about what you’re interests, background or lifestyle is like, it’s likely going to be an automatic “no” from the person you are interested in.

Kurt Cobain said, “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not”. That being said, you don’t need to lay out every little detail of your life for them to examine right away. That’s going to creep them out more than anything. Just be honest about whatever the topic is when it comes up and people are sure to find your true personality and uniqueness attractive.

3. Strive to be healthy.

You don’t need to look like you belong on the cover of a magazine to be attractive. Eat your daily fruits and veggies like mom said and stay active. Being extremely obese can be a turn off to others, let’s be honest here. The other end of the spectrum is also true though, being obsessed with how your body looks can be turn off. Don’t take things to an extreme, just keep yourself healthy. The most attractive men and women are not the ones on the covers of magazines nor are the couch potatoes you know, the most attractive men and women the ones who balance a healthy diet and staying active.

4. Dress decently.

As comfy as they are, you can’t get away with wearing sweatpants and hoodies every single day of your life. Don’t be afraid to invest a little money into your wardrobe. Not only will you look more professional and organized, it’ll likely make you feel much better about your appearance and thus, increase your confidence. And my friends, if you learn anything from this article, know that confidence is key. Kind, genuine, healthy, self-confidence.

5. Accept that not everyone will find you attractive.

You might be asking yourself “Why aren’t they into me? I’ve done everything right!” You might even spend most Friday nights in front of the TV, re-watching He’s Just Not That Into You and trying to figure out where you went wrong.

Aside from your possible obsession with Netflix, the fact of the matter is, not everyone is going to be into you, and not for any particular reason either. Trust me, your life would suck if absolutely everyone wanted you. Different people are going to be attracted to different things. Everything from where a person grew up to the type of parents they had to their current day hobbies and interests will have quite a heavy influence on what they consider to be attractive.

I guarantee you that what someone finds attractive in the United Kingdom probably won’t be considered attractive in the heart of China. Different cultures will all have their general ideas of attractiveness. Accepting that not everyone will be into you is vital. After all, one of the most unattractive things a person can be is desperate. Don’t be desperate for attention.

6. Don’t be antisocial.

Being a thriving social butterfly isn’t for everyone, that’s just a fact. That being said, it’s equally unhealthy to be a completely antisocial person. You don’t have to go out every single day and do something. I get it, I like spending a days where I do nothing but lay in bed and watch Netflix too. Overall though, people who keep social regularly are typically rated as more attractive. And in the end, you are going to be happier if you have circle of friends that you spend time with regularly. You can only bond so closely with your computer screen before things start to get a little weird.

7. Stop Obsessing.

If you’re constantly worried about what people around you think, it’ll be a recipe for disaster. It’s impossible to please everyone so don’t try. If you’re only ever thinking about what others think of you, you’re going to appear stiff and uncomfortable. Appearing cool, confident and comfortable is attractive. Being paranoid and over analyzing everything isn’t. Relax, breathe and let yourself enjoy whatever environment you are in. Don’t focus on trying to be attractive, instead focusing on being happy, confident and relaxed. Attractiveness will surely follow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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