8 Airmen Reveal Some Of Their Favorite Things About Being In The Air Force

What does it mean to serve your country in the United States Air Force? Why not ask the Airmen who do it themselves? In partnership with the Air Force, Thought Catalog is giving you answers to the most frequently asked questions about serving as an Airman.


“Being in the Air Force means you’re going to travel. I’ve been to the thirty or forty different countries across the world.”


“My favorite part of the Air Force is mentoring Airmen from all walks of life.”


“The Air Force provides great benefits for the enlisted and officer side. Through tuition assistance, we get money to cover what it costs to get your next degree.”


“My favorite part is knowing that I am doing something for our country. I am actually doing something for a purpose.”


“I joined the Air Force because I wanted to leave the South Side of Chicago and also pursue my education.”


“It was a steady job right out of high school and you’ve got that ability to grow a career early on as opposed to going to a four-year college and then starting over from there.”


“It doesn’t really make a difference [being a woman in the Air Force], you know what I mean? Everyone treats me with respect. I personally love it because I can prove that I can do anything a man can do.”


“My favorite part about the Air Force is the job I’m doing. I mean, I come to work every day and I work with dogs and I absolutely love it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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