This Indiana Mother Stabbed Both Her Children To Death Because Her Husband Left Her After She Cheated

via TheIndyChannel
via TheIndyChannel

Brandi Worley, 30-years-old, of Darlington, Indiana, who killed her two young children on November 17th by stabbing them to death in the neck has admitted to committing the murders of Tyler (7yo) and Charlee (3yo) saying she feared she would lose her children after her husband filed for divorce on November 16th, the day before the murders occurred.

Worley later told police “I did not want him to take my kids, I just wanted to die with them.” Worley committed the murders while her husband Jason was downstairs in the basement sleeping. Afterward, Brandi appears to have stabbed herself in the neck, possibly in an attempt to take her own life. She instead called 911 and confessed what she had done.

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Pictured: Tyler, 7yo on the left. 3yo Charlee on the right. via YouTube

However, the story is even darker than that. Only a month prior to the murders, husband and father Jason Worley appears to have posted to Reddit under the relationships section asking for advice on his marriage.

The picture the post paints is of a wife who cheated and a husband who only stayed in the marriage for the sake of his children. When confronted about her cheating, Jason says that Brandi threatened to keep the children from him. In light of what happened afterward the post is simply tragic.

via Reddit
via Reddit

“I tell her that I am leaving her, she tells me that she will make sure I never see my kids again if I do. She planned on using the fact that I had attempted suicide in high school to prove me unfit to have the children.”

via Reddit

“I’m afraid that after this much time, and the fact that I begged her back, that to say that I want a divorce now would only make her more vindictive towards my children and I.” 

If you are interested in donating money toward the children’s funerals, call Burkhart Funeral Home at (765) 362-5510. You can also donate to the family at this GoFundMe which was created by Jason Worley’s employer and approved by Mr. Worley. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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