Good Guy Dad Goes On Rampage To Protect The Women In His Family, Kills His Daughter’s Rapist

Jay Maynor via
Courtesy photo of Jay Maynor via Maynor is now serving 40 years in prison for the murder of his daughter’s abuser.

In 2002, 59-year-old Alabama man Raymond Earl Brooks pleaded guilty to molesting his adopted granddaughter, Julie Maynor. Brooks had sexually abused Julie for years and served only 18 months of his five year sentence. Julie was only eight years old when the abuse came to light and she had suffered abuse at the hands of Brooks for the previous four or five years.

Raymond Brooks via YouTube
Raymond Brooks via YouTube. Brooks was previously sentenced to five years for the multi-year abuse of Julie Maynor when she was a child. He served only 18 months before being freed on probation.

In 2014, Maynor’s biological father, Jay, reacting to an angry comment Julie had made about Brooks’ previous abuse, seems to have simply snapped.

On June 8th, Jay took matters into his own hands, driving to Brooks’ home where he confronted Brooks and then shot him to death. Additionally, on the way to Brooks’ home, Jay had fired his gun into a country store at a man who had been dating his step-daughter because he had heard that she was being abused by him. None of the shots fired into the store injured anyone.

The store Jay Maynor fired on via YouTube
The store Jay Maynor fired on via YouTube. No injuries were reported.

Maynor was later arrested and at his trial this month he refused to fight the charges. He instead pleaded guilty because, he said, he wanted to spare his daughter, Julie Maynor, the trauma of having to “relive” her childhood abuse by testifying on behalf of his defense. After Jay’s sentencing, Julie had the following to say about all that had happened.

“I’m going thru hell. Everything comes back to me as to why this has happened. I feel like it’s my fault. I’m sad but yet mad.”

Jay Maynor has since been sentenced to 40 years for the killing of Brooks and the attempted murder of his step-daughter’s boyfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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