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Here Is The Scariest Creepypasta From Every State In The Country

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1. Alabama

Anansi’s Goatman Story

A Chicago teenager visits his extended family in rural Alabama and quickly discovers that there are some places that no one should go, especially if you’re going camping in the woods at night. The story is full of half eaten pigs, darkness, and regrets that no one thought to bring a gun.

2. Alaska

The Harbinger Experiment

In 1971, a facility allegedly designed to test the limits of isolation on the human mind turns out to be cover for a scientist obsessed with proving the existence of the supernatural world.

3. Arizona


Yes, the title of the story is also ‘Arizona’. This one is wonderfully straightforward. A couple decide to head out to meet some friends for a drunken, possibly drug-filled, party time in the Arizona desert. When they stop at an isolated gas station the whole starts to go very, very wrong.

4. Arkansas

The Clown With Bloody Teeth

Sarah receives and email from her longtime friend Shelly who’s in Arkansas haunted house hopping. She invites Sarah to come visit one haunted house in particular which she says has some “awesome scares.” Sarah takes Shelly up on the challenge.

5. California

The Island Of Dolls

A man and his wife decide to visit an island off the coast of California to see if the rumors they’d heard about disappearances long ago were true. Of course, it’s more complicated than people simply disappearing…

6. Colorado

Colorado Fishing Trip

Four friends go on a fishing trip deep into the backwoods of Boxwood Gulch. Once there, they discover the weather is acting strangely and the landscape itself seems to betray them.

7. Connecticut

Poisoned Oak

A man buys a house built in the year 1700 located on the Old King’s Highway in Connecticut and surrounded by an old growth oak forest. Then the mightiest oak tree begins to slowly die and unexplainable footprints begin appearing.

8. Delaware


A man and a woman meet in Wilmington and marry. The husband has a classified job with the government and they settle down and begin raising a family…until they’re forced underground, literally.

9. Florida

The River Country Film

Disney World has a horrifying secret they buries many years ago. One man has discovered it.

10. Georgia

12 Minutes

A local news station in Atlanta tries to fill a programming gap with a religious tv show called “Words of Light with the Rev. Marly Sachs”. That’s when the miscarriages began.

11. Hawaii

The Truth Behind Morgan’s Corner

A 14-year-old boy decides to investigate the supernatural stories behind Morgan’s Corner, deep within the twisting trees and vines of the Pali Road, overlooking Nu’uanu, armed only with a backpack and a flashlight.

12. Idaho

Rabbits In The Creek

A young Mormon girl living in the country uses a rabbit to try and lure a mountain lion. She lures something else instead. (This one is truly something special).

13. Illinois

Case Report 7591

The contents of Case Report 7591 are finally revealed and the reasons why a once beloved theme park in small town Illinois was closed with no reasons given are finally made clear.

14. Indiana

A Recollection Of The Events Of January 8, 2015

A wonderful Lovecraftian tale of a History student dropping out of university to begin studying stranger fare.

15. Iowa

The Wretch Of Weed Park

A teenager finds a long unused and chained shut iron door in a disused portion of a public park. His curiosity gets the best of him.

16. Kansas

The Disappearance Of Ashley, Kansas

In August 1952, the town of Ashley, Kansas and all its 679 inhabitants ceased to exist. The above story is an account of that event as it happened.

17. Kentucky

Elsewhere, Kentucky

There is a town in Kentucky called Elsewhere that you won’t find on any map but after hearing stories about it one man sets out to find it despite the rumors about all the people who have disappeared there.

Bonus Kentucky story because this one is a classic.

Candle Cove

Several people discuss the children’s show “Candle Cove” that they recall from their childhood. The show takes on a new meaning to the adults now remembering just exactly what it was about.

18. Louisiana

The Devil’s Toybox

The Devil’s Toybox comes to small town Louisiana in the form of a small parish’s haunted house attraction constructed out of a windowless shack. Shut down after it caused one woman to have a heart attack and a man to become a mute. Fascinated by the stories, several people decide to experience the Toybox for themselves.

19. Maine

The Eighty-Seventh Face

Gore alert! A girl is enjoying some alone time with her family out of town when a family friend arrives. However, he’s somehow different than usual and things take an unexpected and terrifying turn.

20. Maryland

The Whitherer

All across Maryland, psychiatric patients begin having the same dream. Even worse, the dream begins following them into their waking life.

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