My Friend Left Me Footage Of A Movie He Was Making And Now That I’ve Seen It I Understand Why He Never Finished

via YouTube
via YouTube

Collected in the below playlist is every video from the harrowing Troy Wagner web series “Marble Hornets”, a fantastic piece of horror and suspense that was created in 2009 and concluded in 2014 and featured some of the first appearances of the then new monster Slender Man.

The premise is the same as the title of this article. A man named Alex abruptly stops making a movie called “Marble Hornets” and gives all the footage he has so far to his friend Jay before going into seclusion. Jay becomes obsessed with watching the footage and things begin to go seriously wrong.

The below playlist has every episode in order so get some popcorn, sit back, click to full screen or cast the video to your Roku or appleTV and bask in the found footage horror discovery that is “Marble Hornets”. This is something you can really dive into so give it a shot.

You will not regret it…at least not immediately…TC mark


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