This Guy Who ‘Just Wanted To Chill’ With A Girl Really Can’t Take A Hint

Every guy has been there, from the most handsome to the, well, very, very ugly. You’re alone and you’ve had a bad day. It’s natural to want to reach out to someone and escape your troubles. This is a normal thing. It’s healthy.

The problem comes when you can’t accept that, for whatever reason, the girl just isn’t into you at all. In cases like that, you shouldn’t ever, say, respond forty times in a row proving that you’re not just a creep, you’re a horrible creep who absolutely isn’t planning on “raping” her like the following guy.

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Okay, he’s still doing okay here. Trying to explain himself a bit. Just don’t take it too far.

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He just took it too far.

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Woah! This is way past healthy at this point. We’re fast reaching restraining order territory.

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He’s still open to chilling though.

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He’s so awesome that he understands why she’d be intimidated by him texting her repeatedly.

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Yeah, that last bit isn’t creepy at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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