We Polled Thousands Of Millennials About Their Opinion Of Donald Trump And The Results Are Completely Shocking

In cooperation with the survey professionals from Whatsgoodly, we asked thousands of Millennials about what they thought of Donald Trump. Below are the very interesting results.

1. His Shock Of Hair IS Shocking

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People were more shocked by his hair although “his bullying comments” came in second place. Male respondents were more shocked by “his bullying comments” than female respondents.

2. Millennials Are Pretty Lukewarm On Both Hillary And Trump

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The “Hillary” and “I’m out” options tied for second place overall. Female responders were much more likely to be dissatisfied with both candidates of these candidates and were also more likely to be for Trump over Hillary.

3. This Was A Trick Question. Trump Has Never Said This.

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Respondents answered almost equally to each of the four options provided. The options were:

  • They’re all criminals
  • That he loves Hispanic people and they love him
  • He loves their cocaine
  • That we shouldn’t allow any immigrants into the US

The second option is actually the correct one. Trump has made this claim over and over but he’s never suggested not allowing immigrants into the US as a permanent policy. 

4. Hillary Clinton Has More Support From Wall Street Than Any Other Candidate

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Survey via WhatsGoodly

Male and female respondents were evenly divided here as well with “Wall Street loves him” coming in second only three percentage points above “Wall Street hates him.”

5. Millennials Believe Trump’s Primary Concern Is The Poor

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Survey via WhatsGoodly

The responses here were fascinating. 43% of female respondents believe Trump’s primary concern is the poor and only 1.7% of female respondents felt immigration was the number one concern. In contrast, 47% of male respondents felt immigration was what he cared about most with only 32% believing Trump cared the most about the poor. 

I wrote this survey and never would have guessed this would be the majority response. 

6. Millennials Appear To Be Unsure Whether They’re Alike Or Think They’re Obviously Different

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Survey via WhatsGoodly

Very few believe that Trump and Sanders are alike. However, even fewer believe that they are polar opposites. The second most popular answer was “kind of alike” at 22%.

7. Say My (Middle) Name!

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Survey via WhatsGoodly

89% got this question right. 11% thought that his middle name might be Castillo, Alvarez, or Gonzalez. It is John.

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