Thousands Of Christians Swore Their Loyalty To ‘Fascist’ Donald Trump In Mississippi Last Night

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Trump appeared in Madison, Mississippi last night and people turned out in the thousands. It was so many, in fact, that people had to sit outside of the event and watch him speak on a jumbotron as he promised to, among other things, make Christians more powerful and bring back the celebration of Christmas.

That video isn’t from the rally, it’s the overflow from the rally and even the people who didn’t get in were amped about it.

When the time came for Trump’s followers to swear their loyalty and pledge to turn out to vote today there wasn’t a single person who hesitated with the entire crowd cheering in unison for the billionaire turned presidential candidate and hands raised enthusiastically to the sky.

It appears Trump will blow the competition away there.

Some Trump voters have even wondered why anyone else bothered being on the ballot.

Here’s the full video of the rally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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