This Brave Man Tried To Pick Up Girls Using Trump Quotes And It Went Better Than Expected

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“You know, you guys look like nice ones.”

Known as a womanizer, using Trump quotes should result in positive responses from the ladies since, according to Donald himself, he’s a guy who can close a deal. But how will it go when this social experimenter suggests we “build a wall?”

"I'm just saying, we need to build a wall."
“I’m just saying, we need to build a wall.”

Well, the “build a wall” suggestion doesn’t go over as planned.

*Smack*, he's built a wall around her heart.
*Smack*, he’s built a wall around her heart.

But what about the poorly educated? Can a guy get some attention for loving them?

Success arrives
Success arrives

The answer is “yes, a guy can.” But how about saying you prefer Jewish accounts and hate “Black people counting my money?”

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That elicits a “what the f*ck” and this little chat with a Japanese family that he calls Chinese doesn’t go much better.

An entire family? Really?
An entire family? Really?

And things get even weirder when he tries to “pick up” this entire group of children.

Like, what?
Like, what?

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