Take Your Love For The Game To The Next Level With These 12 Amazing Products


Spring is almost here and sports fans all over the country are revving up for a month of great friends, great teams, and tons of surprises. Make sure you’ve got yourself covered with these fantastic game-enhancers that will take your get together from contender to champion in a heartbeat.


1. Team Just Pull A Massive Comeback? Better Check Your Heart Rate

Of course this sleek heart rate monitor is good for more than just making sure your love of the home team hasn’t finally put you over the top. It’s great for when you’re playing your favorite sport yourself or out for a jog in the brisk March air. It will help you train towards your goals too by keeping track of weekly targets and adapting to the way you train. This is one monitor that will help make you healthier, not just another piece of tech that gets in between you and your goals.


2. A Megaphone, For When You Need To Be Heard

Need to start the chant? Well if you won’t then who will? Get the rally started with this Professional Bullhorn that’s full capable of not just projecting your voice but recording audio to be repeated as well. With an 800 yard range there’s no chance of being ignored. Use wisely!


3. Convenient Bluetooth Thermometer

No more hovering over the grill hand checking the temperature. Those days are over with this bluetooth thermometer. Now you can go enjoy the company of your friends while the grill heats up. Don’t worry, your phone will let you know when it’s time to go put on the burgers. Relax and let this great piece of tech do the all the waiting for you.

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