Black Military Veteran Describes EXACTLY What Made Him Feel Unsafe At A Trump Rally

This weekend, a Trump rally was held in Tucson, Arizona. Police officer and veteran, Brandon Tatum was also in attendance because, he said, “I don’t want to believe what other people tell me…it can be disingenuous.”

Afterwards, he took to Facebook to describe what he saw. Here’s some choice quotes of what Brandon observed at the rally, particularly the difference between the protesters and Trump supporters.

As Tatum Was In Line To Get Inside

  • “People were verbally violent at the door, yelling, saying “F Donald Trump.” I mean, being outrageous…”
  • “People were directly yelling at me as if I was a criminal…”

Once He Was Inside

  • “The shocking thing was that everybody (inside) seemed to be peaceful. There wasn’t a lot of hatred and maliciousness going on and lashing out at the protesters.”
  • “Before he ever came out, they made an announcement and said you are not to harm the protesters, you are not to get in a physical altercation with them. That was a thing I haven’t seen portrayed in the media…”

During The Event

  • “These people (the protesters) were acting a fool. I’m talking cussing, screaming. There was somebody wearing a Ku Klux Klan hate saying “F Donald Trump,” flipping people off…yelling “F Donald Trump” in front of these kids.”
  • “I have to be honest, I felt very uncomfortable there.”
  • “I felt like at any moment with the climate of these protesters…that at any moment I could get sucker punched by somebody…”
  • “The funny thing is that these people (the protesters) were the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen. I could not believe what I saw.”

What He Thought Of The Rally Attendees And Trump

  • “I’m an African American man. I had no problems with people going against me and trying to hurt me and wanting to kick me out.”
  • “I gained a lot of respect for Donald Trump.”

Check out the rest of Brandon’s description of the event in the full video above for his full observations on the rally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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