We Asked Thousands Of Millennials About Their Sex Lives And Here Is What They Had To Say

In cooperation with the survey professionals from Whatsgoodly, we asked thousands of Millennials about the current state of their sex lives. Below are the very interesting results.

1. What turns you off the most in the opposite sex?


Bad smell wins the day here for everyone with no sense of humor coming in second.

2. What sexual fetish would you most like to experiment with?


Both millennial men and women are open to trying BDSM. Very surprisingly, to me anyway, is that cake sitting comes in second for both while furry play comes in last.

3. How in love were you with the person you lost your virginity to?


Wow, lots of people didn’t have any feelings at all about the first person they had sex with. But “madly” in love comes a distant second.

4. What’s your favorite sexual position?


Girls don’t like to be on top but like missionary and doggy. Guys like doggy and reverse cowgirl.

5. What does orgasming feel like to you?


Being God? Seriously, guys? The roller coaster thing I get for women but “being God”?

6. Girls: What do penises taste like from your experience?


Better than a ham and cheese sandwich that’s been left at the gym.

7. Guys: What do vaginas taste like from your experience?


Ew?! Gentlemen, this is unacceptable. Step up your game.

8. What turns you on the most in the opposite sex?


Men and women have nearly the same turn-ons here with men being more interested in a woman’s quirks and women caring slightly more about how a man smells.

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