This Syrian Refugee Came To Europe With Nothing But What He Did Next Is An Inspiration

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The man pictured here is Alex Assali. He fled Syria in 2007 under threat of his life after coming to the attention of the Syrian government for criticizing Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad online. Forced to leave everything, including his family, he then started a new life in Germany with absolutely nothing.

The photo caught Assali preparing food on the streets of Berlin for those homeless Berliners forced to sleep “in the rough” meaning outside on the cold streets of the city with no roof over their heads. According to the Telegraph, Assali does this every Saturday and usually feeds around 100 people in need.

Assali still doesn’t have a lot but he believes in helping those in Germany who need it and does his best with what he has, thankful to the country that took him in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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