60 Dead And 100 Taken Hostage As Paris Rocked By Bombs And Shootings Only Ten Months After The Charlie Hebdo Attacks


Four attacks in and around central Paris tonight, three simultaneously, killed a reported 60 dead individuals however this number is all over the place in the press and likely won’t be known definitely for days. The attacks occur only ten months after the Charlie Hebdo attacks of January.

“I was on my way to my sister’s when I heard shots being fired. Then I saw three people dead on the ground, I know they were dead because they were being wrapped up in plastic bags.”

One of the three attacks took place near the stadium where France and Germany were playing soccer via suicide bombers. The below Vine claims to be of the exact moment a bomb went off near the match.


The three other attacks were reportedly carried out by men with guns who later shot up a shopping mall and took 100 or so hostages inside a concert hall many of which Sky News is characterizing as “youngsters.” This hostage situation is currently ongoing as of 6:00pm EST and the President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of emergency which includes closing all of France’s borders.

Below is a scene from one of the shooting sites.


The below are highlights of the aftermath of the attacks from Twitter.


With the hostage situation this is likely a long way from over. No one has yet taken responsibility for the attacks but jihadists were allegedly celebrating the attacks on social media.

UPDATE (1:08AM EST): The fog of chaos resulted in nearly all of the initial figures reported being incorrect. There were over 100 casualties, some say as high as 153. Additionally, either six or seven targets were attacked including the suicide bombings. The hostage situation was handled quickly by French counter-terrorism officers but there were some civilian casualties. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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