11 Couples Reveal The Unconventional Anniversary They Celebrate That’s Most Important To Them

via twenty20/prozipix
via twenty20/prozipix

1. “Every September my girlfriend and I get loaded off of Gin and Tonics (Hendricks) and have sex. This is in honor of how, five years ago, we got smashed on Gin and Tonics and I slipped up and told her ‘I love you.’ I was trying to play it cool at the time. Luckily, she loved me too.”

—Brian, 29


2. “My boyfriend and I celebrate the day he and his ex-wife signed the divorce papers. It’s our very own D Day.”

—Gina, 30


3. “She and I got out to dinner every year on the date of her father’s death. He died before we married and never got to meet his grandchildren. Aside from our own anniversary it’s pretty much the most important day of the year to us. My dad was basically absent and her father was like a surrogate parent to me.”

—Marcus, 28


4. “Every October my girlfriend and I celebrate the day I finally got sober and our lives together really began. Sparkling apple juice abounds, believe me.”

—Jerry, 26


5. “My man and I do something ever July 4th to honor the day we met at a friend’s BBQ. We’ve already decided that even if we get married some day that this will be the day we celebrate our anniversary.”

—Samantha, 24


6. “Pretty dang nerdy but every January we watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended version, of course) over a weekend and invite all our friends over. We drink mead and ale and eat steak and potatoes. Gotta start the year off right!”

—Janice, 26


7. “My husband and I lost our virginity to one another and so every year we have a ‘Sexiversary’ where we, you guessed it, have sex and then go to McDonald’s because that’s what we did the first time. Twelve years now and still going strong.”

—Natalie, 34


8. “Every 4th of July we always host a bunch of our friends. But we ALWAYS make more food than necessary. Then at midnight because it’s still light out from everyone celebrating, my boyfriend and I make several plates of food and walk around giving it to homeless people or people in need. I don’t know if that’s an unconventional anniversary but I really love it and want us to always do it.”

—Sylvia, 27


9. “My husband came home from Iraq in 2010. Every year since then we celebrate the day by volunteering at a homeless shelter because so many of the homeless are veterans. My husband and I do things throughout the year as well but we always make sure to volunteer on the day he came home and remember those that didn’t or who did and were then forgotten.”

—Meghan, 30


10. “Hope this isn’t too morbid but it’s a special day for my husband and I, sad and happy all at once. Three years ago I miscarried after three months. It was my first pregnancy and it was absolutely devastating for us both individually and as a couple. Two years later I became pregnant again and we now have a healthy baby boy blessing our lives. However, my husband and I hold a day of remembrance for our special one that never was. Nothing crazy, usually just a bottle of wine and some reflection on our blessings but it’s important to us.”

—Angela, 31


11. “I get drunk as hell every year in March in honor of dropping out of law school. My wife, who is a lawyer, does not partake.”

—Jim, 29 TC mark


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