19 Guys Talk About The Difference Between Their Dream Girl And The Girl They're Actually With

19 Guys Talk About The Difference Between Their Dream Girl And The Girl They’re Actually With

What makes a dream girl?

1. “My dream girl was conventionally beautiful, and perfect in all the right ways. The girl I fell for was she’s just uniquely beautiful to me. To be sure I think she is more beautiful than any other woman in the world, but the beauty I see in her is certainly a secret that not everyone can see, and I like it that way. It makes me feel like we’re destined and designed for each other, because I’m sure she would say the same about me.”— Geo, 30

2. “The girl I fell for is ugly. I don’t know if I really fell for at all, actually. I’m worried our kids might be ugly. Am I too deep down the rabbit hole to get out of this relationship? I’m so far away from dating my dream girl, I don’t know why I stick around. I hate my life.” — Dylan, 22

3. “My girl is solid. She’s say like 6, but my dream girl would clearly be at least a 9. I’d say my current rag is about a 7-1-6 on the area code scale. 7 being her face. 1 being, yes I’d smash, and 6 being her bod. Her face is fine. I haven’t really gotten tired of it yet (we’ve been together for like 6 months); her bod is not bad, but could be better; she is about 5’7″ 140 lbs. Her boobs are solid, and her butt is OK, but ideally, I’d be with someone who is about 5’7″ 120 lbs, at least a 919. She’d have bigger jugs and more sculpted donk. I imagine she’d squat pretty regularly. Really it would just be a tighter overall package.” — Sean, 21

4. “This has been something I’ve been thinking about because I was dating this one girl before who I was just so hot for. But when we weren’t having sex she was almost impossible to be around. No interests, no awareness of the world around her; an empty head. The current girl I’m seeing is great to be around. She’s smart, smarter than me and she’s also rich. And while all that is great I absolutely do not have a strong desire to fuck her. So, yeah, these are both dream girls in their own way. I just wish I could blend them into one person somehow.” — Mohammed, 26

5. “Considering I’ve spent nearly my entire relationship life doing things for girls they couldn’t do for themselves like cooking real meals, making enough money for us to do things, and, yes, even doing their taxes, my dream girl would be able to do these things for herself and gasp maybe even do them for me once in a while. The current girl I’m seeing is better but I gotta say that this shit gets old. My dream girl can do things for herself.” — Joshua, 28

6. “I dated my dream girl for a year and a half. I was pretty screwed up at the time and we both probably partied too much. It was this weird situation where she was perfect for me but I was waaaay too immature to realize it until near the end when she’d had to call me out on my shit so often that she was pretty much done. Pretty much every girl I’ve dated since has only reminded me how I felt about her those last few months when I was trying to make things right and she was just over it. It’s not a good place to be.”— Matthew, 25

7. “I just started dating my dream girl a month ago. Don’t tell her! I’m out of my league here.” — Mike, 25

8. “Lately I try not to think about ‘dream girl’ or ‘dream job’ or whatever because it seems like not matter how hard I try I’m not quite getting what I want. My GF cares a lot about me and I care a lot about her. It’s just not really ‘dream’ status. She’s fine, I just wish she was spicier. Let me leave it at that. Okay, seriously though she hates giving blow jobs. I know it seems shallow but it matters!” — Douglas, 27

9. “About six months ago I would have told you that my girlfriend absolutely isn’t my dream girl cause when we started dating I thought she was cool and everything but she wasn’t checking a lot of the boxes. But I gotta say that I had no idea what I wanted in the first place. All that stuff I thought I cared about like ‘well-travelled’ and ‘always hated every boy band’ was, I think, just a way to keep from having to actually care about anyone. I don’t mean to be all feely about it but when I think back I think I changed my standards whenever I felt like I just wasn’t clicking with someone so it would be their fault or something. Anyway, my girlfriend is amazing. She’s kind and beautiful and I can’t imagine wanting to be with anyone else.” — Jamal, 29

10. “Man, I let a ton of ‘dream girls’ slip through my fingers back when I was younger. Now they’re all married and I’m still single and the dating scene is not like it used to be. The difference between my dream girl and the next girl I meet and click with will be that I won’t take it for granted and it piss it away.” — Fred, 32

11. “There are no ‘dream girls’ or ‘dream boys’. Anyone who thinks there is needs to grow the fuck up. People click and they make relationships work. Your dreams can quickly turn into nightmares.” — Claude, 30

12. “My ‘dream girl’ was my ex-wife before she cheated on me. These days I’ll settle for ‘girl I can have a quiet dinner with.'” — Rick, 29

13. “I’m married to my dream girl and I know she’s my dream girl because she’s stuck with me through everything. Back in 2013 I lost my job and our bills were stacking up. We had to ask her parents for money because my parents don’t have any. It took me nearly two years to get a job that was paying even close to what I was making before. A lot of women would have left instead of pulling double shifts to try and make up some of the difference. The most amazing thing is that if you’d asked me before I lost my job in 2013 if she was my dream girl I would have said no.” — Stephen, 31

14. “I’m an ass guy. I’ve yet to meet the ass that meets my ‘dream’ standards but for now I like my girlfriend pretty well. Sometimes I feel like I’m settling though.” — Brad, 25

15. “Truthfully, my standards are pretty low. As long as she’s not overweight and hasn’t slept with everyone I know then she’s up for consideration. My dream girl though would probably be the female version of me and have a lot of hobbies and stuff like that. All the girls I’ve dated were interested in brunch and spending money.  It’s like they never quit being 21.”— Nathan, 25

16. My dream girl is a fantasy. She’s like one of those robots in that movie Ex Machina — perfectly engineered in personality and looks, utterly adept at everything and so stunningly beautiful that you wouldn’t mind if she murdered just as long as she did it with her bare hands so you could be close to her as you died.”— Max, 37

17. “I don’t know if I’ll ever meet my dream girl. I’ve dated a lot of different women and with about half of them I felt like they were looking to marry rich and quick. I get that game but I’m not into it. A lot of ladies seem to be about themselves like that’s an okay way to be. Luckily for them there’s a lot of chumps out there that won’t expect more. As for my current girlfriend, we broke up about a week ago. I’m swiping all the time these days.” — Joel, 34

18. “My dream girl is the chick that everyone wants but no one but me can have and yeah, I’m dating her now. Girls like her are few and far between and I love that every dude we run into is 100% jealous of what I’ve got.” — Neal, 24

19. “I’m a mathematician. My dream girl would be interested in math. I’ve yet to meet her.” — Jacob, 33 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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