136 Harvard Idiots Used Their Work Email On Ashley Madison

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Screenshot via Ashley Madison which somehow still exists.

Only the best and brightest are admitted to Harvard every year and their faculty contributes some of the most far reaching and important contributions to science and the arts in the world. There’s also a ton of cheaters at Harvard who are stupid enough to use their work email as their login/point of contact for a website that bills itself as the best place to cheat on the man or woman you’ve come to resent.

But it’s not just Harvard, as the leak shows, idiots from every level of government, academia, and the military industrial complex also willfully used their traceable, valid credentials to sign into Ashley Madison and create an account so that they could hopefully get laid.

Presenting an actual list of the 37 million Ashley Madison accounts (look for yourself) that have been leaked would be pointless but here’s a general overview of organizations on the list by the numbers. Keep in mind that these are just the people from these organizations that were careless enough to use their work email address.

1. 136 Harvard email addresses

2. 2,223 government employees used their work address

3. 13,078 members of the military used their .mil account to cheat or attempt to cheat…or something

4. 218 Vatican accounts

5. Only a seemingly restrained 21 Yale email accounts were registered

6. 137 accounts registered to Boeing employees were found

7. 79 Amazon email accounts

8. 35 Raytheon accounts (military contractor)

9. 175 accounts from IBM

10. 76 accounts from Bank of America

11. 8 from JP Morgan

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